How Do We Do It?

Our Interview Process

Our interview process is flowing and relaxed; we assist you to speak authentically, naturally covering a range of topics – from the familiar to the abstract, from the trivial to the meaningful. We stretch you in ways that will ease nerves and make “canned” sales speeches unnecessary.
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We will interview you on camera at our studio or on location depending on your chosen format. The camera can roll for as little as one hour to as long as three hours (with breaks). You’ll appear in your best light, talking comfortably about the things that amuse or inspire you, or the life experiences that helped shape you.

Getting Comfortable
The most critical process of producing your video is getting you to feel confident in the interview. If you are a pro we’ll give you the space to deliver your gold. If not, don’t fret. We specialize in helping uneasy novices deliver their thoughts on camera with ease.

Our goal is to ask the questions you want asked in ways that help you respond authentically—with intelligence, candour, joy, humour, and passion. And to do so in a leisurely, comfortable fashion. You will have an opportunity to answer questions with poise and dignity, and elaborate upon points you feel are important. If you would like to get a second or third chance to communicate a part of your story more concisely, we provide you with “re-ask” questions (as broadcast reporters do to tighten their subject’s answers) – so you can get it “perfect”. You’ll find us patient and very easy to work with. There is no need to rehearse talking points or feel like you are delivering a speech. Just show up for a conversation that just happens to be on camera.

Our Editing Process

We love hearing people’s unique stories – but even better – we love refining them for others to experience.

We are detailed editors, adept at finessing a long eventful story into a beautiful short one. We have an intuitive sense of what interview bits boldly yet unpretentiously represent you. Through a multi-step process, we distill your remarks, insights and anecdotal gems to best illuminate your clever, confident, charming attributes. We then rough cut the material together in a style befitting you (e.g. is the video linear and direct, or breezy and whimsical?) We then intersperse “B-roll” visuals – photos or video (or items we’ve shot for you) to highlight your story elements and give life to your narrative.

The Finishing & Posting Process
Upon approval of the rough cut, we polish, fine cut and upload the video for your final approval. You can then freely distribute it to potential employers and business contacts, friends, and new online communities.



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