• 60 Second Story

    Can you tell your tale in 60 seconds? This is a peppy one-minute, highlight reel of YOU! Think of it as a movie trailer that will knock the socks off your audience, using well-chosen sound bites from you. Whether we profile your insights, accomplishments, values, ethics, what you seek, love or dream about, this is…

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  • Photo Tale Adventure

    A legacy video based on the stories of your life’s pictures, and includes a photo selection process.The Tell a Tale “Photo Tale Adventure” is a 15-minute video focused on you – telling your story through your life’s photographs in a conversational way. This production is inherently more personal than our promotional videos, but we believe…

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  • Four Minute Feature

    The Four Minute Feature is perfect for those who want go further than first impressions. You may have more to convey about a particular topic or shine a light on more facets of your life, but expect this 4-minute personal “mini-doc” to be more flexible in style and deeper in content. This option is perfect…

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Why a 60 Second Video?

Shy? Modest? Hate the camera? No worries. If you wish to speak eloquently and passionately about your life, career or business to the world, Tell a Tale can help you shine online quickly and easily. You have a worthwhile story to share, and our mission is to help you deliver it with ease. We reveal the star that you are!

Why Do I Need a Video?

How We Do It



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