Why Do I Need a Video?

A short, professionally made video can be an excellent complement to how you present yourself online. Seeing you, hearing you, in an environment in which you feel comfortable to express yourself, can help others see a side of you less visible in print or photos. It can be a daunting task to promote yourself online, however, it can be extremely useful – if not a necessity – to share yourself virtually. Your video will serve as an essential tool to build your presence and represent your many facets – in the competitive global marketplace.

Tell a Tale will help you:

  • Control and enrich your online profile
  • Highlight your unique talents
  • Be confident & authentic
  • Reveal your personality
  • Share your stories
  • Have fun

  • Tell a Tale Media works to showcase people behind their business, people with distinctive talents, exceptional skills and unique interests. A short personal video can give potential clients a look at who you are – beyond a “brochure-wear” website, beyond the dry “LinkedIn” profile. A short clip can express your skills, personality and charm – just as you might at a conference or networking event.

    Our business at Tell a Tale is not to promote the things you sell: We promote the stuff you tell. Our job is to help you express yourself in genuine, heartfelt ways, thereby empowering others to buy your skills, products or services – because they appreciate and respect you. We see ourselves as the “image” sculptors of people, chipping away the marble to reveal the beautiful masterpiece that was already there in the first place.



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